Gary L. Swim, of Swim Retirement, has been serving the insurance and retirement planning needs of retirees for over 19 years. His “Retirement Financial Preservation Workshops” have attended by many retirees throughout Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.

Gary has developed a specialty in working with retirees and those about to retire who want to protect principal and ensure that their money lasts. He focuses on helping his clients avoid the common mistakes made by most retirees and he explains how he has counseled hundreds to avoid their pitfalls.

Gary and his wife Mary Ann reside in Wichita, Kansas. They have five children: Colton, Caden, Kylee, Kylar, and Koda. Gary is a graduate of Kansas State University, where he also played football for the Wildcats.

About Gary Swim

While most financial service firms attempt to be everything to everyone and wind up not specializing very well for anyone, Swim Retirement focuses exclusively on the needs of those ages 55 and over and their specific financial problems and opportunities.

With the ever changing needs and concerns of the baby boomers and those already in retirement, so has the Insurance and Financial Industry changed to meet the needs of those fixing to or already in retirement.

Swim Retirement is professionally designed to assist retirees with protecting their assets and standard of living. Our mission is to help you realize your ideal retirement, free from worry and stress. We provide you with information that will allow you to protect and grow your retirement assets until such time as you need them, and help assist you in planning for the use of those assets over your lifetime as well as distributing those assets to your loved ones in the best manner possible.

About Swim Retirement

Gary Swim

13818 West Ridgepoint

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